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Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras in the Midwest

If you are looking for wireless cameras, 24/7 Onsite Cameras is the place to find what you need. We carry numerous types of security monitoring systems for both indoor and outdoor use. Please see below for many of our options.

Please Note: 24/7 Onsite Cameras, Inc. is NOT a monitoring company and all monitoring will be subcontracted or referred to a partnered vendor. Certain services may not be available in areas where regulations restrict the use of such “rented” equipment. It is always the responsibility of the customer to insure all codes and restrictions are met in areas for which they wish to place “rented” equipment.

Videofied Mobile Trailer Unit

Now you can take the wireless monitoring unit anywhere on your job site with ease. Videofied can be installed anywhere there is a cell signal–no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that construction sites often lack, especially in the early stages. Clients can choose to rent or purchase our Videofied trailer units. These trailer units offer the security of Videofied products on a mobile trailer unit.
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Videofied trailer

Wireless Surveillance Base

Outdoor kit
We have both indoor and outdoor wireless surveillance options available for your convenience. Our wireless video security system motion activates the integrated night vision camera and sends a 10 second video of the intruder over the cell network to the monitoring station and the site manager. It combines a passive infrared motion sensor, a digital video camera, and infrared illuminators into a single wireless battery powered security device.
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Wireless MotionViewer

Outdoor wireless camera
If you're searching for a wireless motion detector, 24/7 Onsite Cameras has options for you. These items can be installed in hallways, stairwells, and outdoor areas to monitor activity and provide a deterrent effect. Keep an eye on everything with these systems, available in both indoor and outdoor varieties. Both are battery operated, wireless indoor motion-activated video cameras, designed for use in Videofied security systems. Motion-activated cameras are intended  for applications where video verification of intrusion alarms is necessary or desired.
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Control Panels

The control panel is the hub of our system, communicating with Videofied MotionViewers and peripheral devices over military-grade RF and transmitting video alarms/signals over 3G cellular and/or Ethernet (IP) to the central monitoring station. In the event of an intrusion the control panel transmits the video alarm from the MotionViewer to the central station for video verification and priority dispatch to law enforcement.
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Arming Devices

Keypad xma lg
We offer a wireless alpha keypad, portable remote, and/or a prox card arming station. The Keypad is completely wireless and self powered for easy installation. It has an easy to read backlit display and comes with a wall/cover tamper switch. The Remote can arm and disarm the Videofied system at distances up to 100 meters. It has an encrypted “rolling code” system that changes the actual signal sent to the panel every time it is used. The Proximity Reader Arming Station is vandal resistant. It is totally wireless and self-powered so that it can be mounted anywhere without trenching signal or power cables. To arm or disarm, the user simply places their prox card next to the reader to arm/disarm their system.
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Indoor/Outdoor Sirens

Outdoor siren
The outdoor siren is a battery operated, wireless combination unit designed for use in Videofied® security systems. The unit consists of a sounder, strobe light, and S2 View ®  Spread Spectrum, Videofied, interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two-way communication with the control panel.  The indoor siren is totally wireless and can be mounted anywhere without the need to drill holes to run signal or power. Multiple sirens can be placed on one system.
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Mounting Arms/Batteries

Rechargeable batteries
The Mounting Arm Kit is designed to facilitate the mounting of the Outdoor MotionViewer and screws into the threaded socket in the rear of the device.

There are several different panel power battery options and replacement batteries available.

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