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24/7 Onsite Cameras | Construction Mobile Surveillance

Top Three Ways To Save YOU Time

January 20, 2019

It’s more than jobsite security.  It’s YOUR time.  Time is money.  Here are our Top Three Ways we can save you time (and therefore money) with onsite cameras.  Mike Terry with MTE couldn’t agree more.  He uses one project manager for three states because 24/7 Onsite Cameras allows him to manage his jobsites remotely.  Using…

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24/7 Onsite Cameras | Mobile Camera Systems

Top 5 Things that Get Stolen Off Your Jobsite

October 30, 2018

While jobsite security cameras’ main purpose is to PREVENT theft before it happens, most owners and contractors have experienced some type of loss.  Onsite cameras give owners the piece of mind that their equipment and job materials will not be tampered with or stolen, as well as security footage if theft or vandalism does occur. Most…

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24/7 Onsite Cameras | Construction Mobile Surveillance

Security Cameras Save Recycle Plant

February 4, 2018

This Recycle Plant has been using 24/7 Onsite Cameras Security Cameras to monitor their site for several years. At about 4am – 24/7 Onsite Cameras witnessed a fire break out in a pile of product very close to the plant. The monitoring company dispatched the fire department immediately. Within minutes the fire was extinguished before…

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