A mobile camera system moves around a job site with ease, available for rental or purchase at 24/7 Onsite Cameras. These units feature on-board recording, wireless communication, multiple power options, and the most advanced optics in the industry. They are more portable and easy to set-up, compared to other units on the market. They can be equipped with a variety of different camera options, most of our units come equipped with 4x PTZ camera that offers IR Illumniators capable of illuminating up to 200′. A spacious 2 TB Hard drive keeps up to 60 days of recorded activity. Easily log-in to view your job site any time of  the day or night. There is even an optional strobe light that acts as a great deterrent for any site. Daily, weekly and monthly rental prices available.

• More portable & easy set-up
• PTZ camera that offers 36 x zoom capability
• 2 x fixed cameras with IR Illumniators capable of illuminating up to 200′
• 2 TB Hard drive keeps up to 40 days of recorded activity
• Easy log-in to view your job site anytime of the day or night
• Optional strobe light that acts as a great deterrent on any site
• Pre-recorded messages of your choice that can be initiated from the control panel software on-line
• Daily, weekly and monthly rental prices available
• Very easy to move around the job site
• Compact self-contained secure tamper resistant unit
• Wide variety of cameras designed for mobile use in all environments to meet your needs
• High-speed cellular and WiFi capabilities for remote viewing
• High gain antennas located on mast for enhanced reception
• On board rugged DVR records video from up to four cameras
• Low maintenance power system
• Operates independently of a permanent power source
• Silent rechargeable battery power unit
• Small easy to tow trailer design
• Separate locking interior compartment for all electronics
• Extended run time independent of outside power
• Solar model allows extended run time without a constant power source for remote locations

Construction Site monitoring

• Production studies
• Haul counts
• Safety monitoring

• Theft deterrent

Special events crowd control

• Crowd evacuation routing

Industrial Safety monitoring

• Gate control for planned outages
• Contractor lay down yard security


• Outside storage monitoring
• Parking lot security

Law Enforcement

• Monitoring of problem areas
• Roads and highways

Instant Remote Access

• Access job sites in real time from any location on any computer with a standard internet connection.
• Search past dates or events with ease by quickly scrolling through thumbnail files in your account.
• Allow only authorized users access to your account with our password protection.

The Total Surveillance Solution

• From one location you can log in and monitor every job site that is equipped with a 24/7 Onsite Cameras unit.
• Watch recording of past incidents and dates easily.
• The 24/7 Onsite Cameras units are equipped with a two-way communication system and deterrent strobe lights. Combined with our 24/7 Central Monitoring System, intruders will be warned of secured areas and we can dispatch the proper authorities for an arrest.

Real time monitoring

For the contractor that is not able to be everywhere at all times, you can access all your job sites by simply logging in and viewing your sites in ‘real’ time or review past events in a quick and easy thumbnail format. This unit is ready to record in 10 minutes with no need to focus, point, or adjust the cameras. Our standard monitoring option is Monday-Thursday 7pm-7am, and Friday-Monday 7pm to 7am, which includes 24 hour weekend and holiday monitoring. We can provide custom monitoring solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Available Systems  – Rent or Purchase

* 24/7 Onsite Cameras, Inc. is NOT a monitoring company and all monitoring will be subcontracted or referred to a partnered vendor. Certain services may not be available in areas where regulations restrict the use of such “rented” equipment. It is always the responsibility of the customer to insure all codes and restrictions are met in areas for which they wish to place “Rented” equipment.