Don’t have time to monitor the site yourself? Let a paid monitoring service handle it for you! Now you can take the wireless monitoring unit anywhere on your job site with ease. Videofied can be installed anywhere there is a cell signal–no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that construction sites often lack, especially in the early stages. Since construction sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms and deliver priority police response when there is an actual crime. Videofied’s portability means it can be moved around as the project evolves–even if that means being installed months later at a brand new site. The truth is undeniable: video-verified alarms are drastically more effective than traditional alarm systems.

A cost-effective wireless video security system that needs no AC power or internet, or phone lines. Motion activates the integrated night vision camera and sends a 10 second video of the intruder over the cell network to the monitoring station and the site manager. Up to 24 cameras on a single system. Operates for months on one set of batteries. No wires or power. Our wireless system helps stop theft by immediately alerting 24×7 professional monitoring staff of a an intrusion and provides a video of the incident. Police are dispatched to a crime-in-progress. VIDEOFIED™ enhances sophisticated surveillance systems, acting as “remote sentries” that can be located anywhere, providing instant video alerts of intrusions.  Once alerted, site managers or guard staff can use the power of their megapixel pan/tilt/zoom cameras and surveillance system to coordinate incident response.

Construction Site monitoring

• Production studies
• Haul counts
• Safety monitoring

• Theft deterrent

Special events crowd control

• Crowd evacuation routing

Industrial Safety monitoring

• Gate control for planned outages
• Contractor lay down yard security


• Outside storage monitoring
• Parking lot security

Law Enforcement

• Monitoring of problem areas
• Roads and highways

Time and again, the benefits of reinforce each other:

• Video verification of intruders leads to a priority response police dispatch.
• Quicker dispatch, with immediate visual identification of the intruders, leads to more apprehensions and arrest.
• More apprehensions and arrests lead to growing community support and continued priority response to video-verified alarms.

Available Systems  – Rent or Purchase

* 24/7 Onsite Cameras, Inc. is NOT a monitoring company and all monitoring will be subcontracted or referred to a partnered vendor. Certain services may not be available in areas where regulations restrict the use of such “rented” equipment. It is always the responsibility of the customer to insure all codes and restrictions are met in areas for which they wish to place “Rented” equipment.