Would You Like To Work From Anywhere? Find Out How!

Ever wish you could be in two places at one time?

Want to WFH and know what’s going on at your jobsite?

Want to be more effective and get more tasks accomplished while managing multiple jobsites at once?

Now you can with our 24/7 mobile monitoring app!
You can go anywhere and not miss a beat.

Work From Home!
Go On Vacation!
Take Off Early!
Or just be more effective while working.

Using our mobile jobsite security trailers and corresponding monitoring app sets you apart as a construction company. Not only do you care about the security of your site and materials, now you can literally go anywhere and see what’s happening on your jobsite. Take a lunch break, work another project, or work remotely. With your mobile phone you can log in to our live cameras and see what’s going on at various angles on your site. Keep a record of deliveries, subcontractors, and basic security with our all-in-one system. For more information, email us at sales@247osc.com.