Get around-the-clock protection with our state-of-the-art systems. As long as the unit has power, it provides video coverage of your site. Just the presence of the cameras may dissuade a potential intruder or prevent an employee from taking tools, equipment or materials from the site.All you need to do is install this unit anywhere you want and provide it with power. This all-in-one unit provides excellent coverage and can be checked online so that you can see if it is positioned correctly. Daily, weekly and monthly rental prices available.

• 4x PTZ Cameras with IR Illuminators
• CheckVideo Analytics
• DVR with iPhone, iPad app login or control with any Internet connection via the cellular router equipped in each unit
• Customer responsibility is to add 110V power
• We will ship common freight in its shipping crate
• Customer can install on pole and add power
• Rent by the month
• Log in from any Internet connection
• Easy shipping to any city in the US
• Ship back common freight at end of job

Construction Site monitoring

• Production studies
• Haul counts
• Safety monitoring

• Theft deterrent

Special events crowd control

• Crowd evacuation routing

Industrial Safety monitoring

• Gate control for planned outages
• Contractor lay down yard security


• Outside storage monitoring
• Parking lot security

Law Enforcement

• Monitoring of problem areas
• Roads and highways

Login in from anywhere
From any computer with Internet connection you can see what is happening live. Plus, you can access the DVR with your iPhone or iPad app and control the settings so that you can know what is going on at all times.

Rent By The Month
Because you can rent by the month, you can extend the contract if you need them longer, or return them early in case the job is completed ahead of schedule. This means that you can adjust your budget accordingly and not be caught off guard if things beyond your control should happen to change.

Shipped Direct to Customer
Also, these rental cameras ship as common freight so that you can save money both in purchasing and returning the units. When it comes to the protection of your tools, materials and equipment, rental construction cameras offer the best in terms of a low cost solution that lasts as long as the job will take.

Available Systems  – Rent or Purchase

* 24/7 Onsite Cameras, Inc. is NOT a monitoring company and all monitoring will be subcontracted or referred to a partnered vendor. Certain services may not be available in areas where regulations restrict the use of such “rented” equipment. It is always the responsibility of the customer to insure all codes and restrictions are met in areas for which they wish to place “Rented” equipment.