It’s more than jobsite security.  It’s YOUR time. 

Time is money.  Here are our Top Three Ways we can save you time (and therefore money) with onsite cameras. 

4/7 Onsite Cameras | Mobile Camera Systems

Mike Terry with MTE couldn’t agree more.  He uses one project manager for three states because 24/7 Onsite Cameras allows him to manage his jobsites remotely.  Using security cameras as a supervision tool allows him to manage five or six projects at a time. 

Mobile, remote cameras enables him to monitor subcontractors and keep schedules on time.  If a subcontractor stated that they couldn’t work one day because of weather related causes, he can go back and check the weather to verify the report. 

4/7 Onsite Cameras | Mobile Camera Systems

Each camera’s monitoring system ties into an accompanying app.   Users are able to log in to the app on their phones or IPads and see exactly what is going on at their jobsites in real time. 

One of our customers even used our app while vacationing in Europe.  He was able to log in remotely on his phone and see what was going on at his jobsites and projects in progress.

4/7 Onsite Cameras | Mobile Camera Systems

Nothing wastes time and money more than having tools, supplies or equipment stolen off jobsites.  Workers show up to work and cannot proceed because of the loss.  Many times the time wasted from workers standing around is more costly than the actual product stolen. 

Our customers also report that in addition to the actual onsite cameras, they appreciate the signage to deter and keep vandals and thieves away.

While jobsite security is important to the bottom line, the benefits of onsite cameras far outweigh just security concerns. 

24/7 Onsite Cameras | Mobile Camera Systems